Why we do it

The early years are a period of intense learning and development, when tremendous changes occur in the brain over a short period of time. In the first year of life, the architecture of the brain takes shape at an astounding rate – approximately 700 new neural connections are being built per second. Scientists now know that this process is not genetically predetermined, but is in fact dramatically influenced by children’s early experiences with people and their surroundings (Ontario Early Years Policy Framework, 2013).

Studies show that positive early years experiences lead to improved determinants of health, resulting in better social, economic, and health outcomes throughout the life cycle. With so much potential to make a positive difference in the early years, it is imperative that we take a coordinated and thoughtful approach to the programs and services we provide (Ontario Early Years Policy Framework, 2013).

This is what serves as the basis for members of Early Years Niagara to come together to jointly plan, develop and implement an effective approach for the child and family service system.


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